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One time I got in a bar fight, and the totally fake cops came down to arrest me. On the way to the police station I let out a silent but deadly in the back of the patrol car. The cop said nothing. A few minutes later, I did it again. Just like the first time, he said nothing. However by the third time, the cop pulled over, and told me to get out of the car. He removed the handcuffs, and told me to take off. Who would have known that passing gas could get you out of an arrest?

I had been with my husband for about seven years when I started feeling the itch, just like the old Marilyn Monroe movie. I had never thought about really acting on it, though, until the new, young executive transferred to our office. Derrick was tall, smart, funny, had a great smile, and had a smooth light brown complexion. I had a black boyfriend once in college, but my parents wrote it off as a rebellious phase, and I guess I did, too. But something about DarkX videos made me forget all about that, and one night I let him know.

Tube Punish is the place to enjoy the most absurdal actions of all times, just for your satisfaction.

These guys are called big cock breaking into tiny girls. This is lovely stuff of big man thing and chicks that are cute and small!

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This teacher fucked chicks that you can only dream about. What was his secret? Smooth talk I guess!

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