Being a singer and songwriter has to be a lot easier than being either one or the other. If you’re a singer but you don’t write any of your own songs, you’ll have people criticizing you for that. They’ll talk about how someone else wrote all of your favorite songs, and how this reflects badly on you in one way or another. If you’re just a songwriter and not a singer for whatever reason, the person who performs your songs on a regular basis is going to get a lot of the credit and all of your die-hard fans are going to be reminding them that you actually wrote the songs the whole time.

We created this website in order to effectively describe and capture the experience of being a singer and songwriter, partly due to the recognition of the fact that it is very difficult to be one but not the other. People will learn more about vocalization techniques and more about songwriting in general. They will also learn more about how to get by through specializing in performance or songwriting.

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