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Songs are an artistic form of expression through sound. When we term good music, it means the lyrics are well aligned with good chants in beautiful rendition. Songs are classified in different forms depending on the composition. We have songs under choral works such as art songs, pop songs, and folk songs. We have classifications by purpose sacred or secular, by style dance, ballad, lied or by time of origin renaissance or contemporary. Since time memorial,in every song sang, there has been the existence of a song-writer and the singer. The writers have not been as popular as the singer although sometimes they are one and the same person. Singers most often get all the praise. The songwriters however are more creative and with vast knowledge of the art of writing songs. Here are the legendary songwriters and there works produced.


Dolly parton

She is one of the most famous legendary female songwriter from Locust Ridge, Tennessee. She has won a number of country music and Grammy awards. She went to Naivishilee to study music. Her music was learnt from the church songs. In 1971, she did her first hit “Joshua” others followed like Jolene; I will always love you – which are her signature songs. Parton has been regarded as a prolific songwriter on her writing on country music songs with strong elements of folk music. She is the most honored female country performers of all time.



He has written hits for Bobby Bare and Ray Stevens. He is a legendary country and bluegrass songs. He started his career in music in 1960s that were sharply worded with humor on heartbreak. This ability created an appeal to wide audience. The biggest of hits Moe Bandy’s ‘Hank Williams, you wrote my life’. He did his tunes with artists like the Eagles, Alison Krauss, and Bobby Bare among others. His composition was founded in his background and his own experiences.



Born from a musical family in New York He is renowned for his song that he composed ‘It was a good year’, ‘Good morning heartache’ and “I believe”. He began his song writing over the years around World War II. He has written music and lyrics for the Broadway edition of ‘what makes Sammy Run’. Until his death, he remained an active songwriter and worked with young writers and remained to be known as a well-loved storyteller and songwriting historian.



He is award-winning songwriter wrote such country classics as Tammy Wynette’s “till I get it right,’’ Merle Haggard’s ‘’ My own Kind of Hat among others. He signed songwriting contract with music publisher Buddy Killen. He has performed with Dottie West as a guitarist and front man.



He is renowned as American legendary songwriter singer and record producer. He was born in Houston Texas in 1938. He released the coward of the county and The Gambler in 1978 having pursued his music career. In has had series of hits with country legend Dottie West with them top of the country charts. Kenny Rogers improved his songs writing skills from his background and day to day life. By this time, he is a true crossover artist with enormous success.

From the experience of the legendary song writers, most of them have as well become singers . They are know for writing songs for others and for themselves too. Well, their fame came from year of writing song and some being artist too for their own written songs.



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