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Conquering Stage Fright

Speaking or performing in front of a crowd is among the predominant fears. It bigger than the fear of bankruptcy, ailment and shockingly, even death. Many adults especially fear public speaking or performance. This stage fright eats up on self-esteem and self-confidence.

Some individuals avoid stage performance at all costs. Even professional performers suffer from this fear. However, there are those who have to embrace and even love the stage because their career or job depends on it. Some of these people include musicians, lawyers and politicians. The good news is people can overcome stage fright.

Fear of Judgment

Fear of judgement is a stage fright where the performer worries that the audience has already made its decision. The performer feels that they probably think that he is lousy and is not on-top of his game. Human beings are coded to worry about their reputation. Their standing to the public matters significantly.

These feelings of fear are therefore very hard to control. The thought of these negative emotions that the audience have towards him create internal havoc. The fear is more pronounced when it is his first performance.

Fear of Looking Incompetent

You definitely do not want to get to the stage and not know what you are talking or singing about. That will do two things. First, you will get a thrashing from the crowd and secondly, you will have to do the same thing to yourself for days.

Stage fright is the actual cause of the manifestation of your fear. It is fear that you cannot do the performance on stage as well as you have been. You also think that you will look incompetent in front of thousands of people present to see you shine and impress them.

Fear of Rejection

As a presenter on stage, you very much want everyone to be on the same page as you. You want them to feel the emotions you are feeling. You want them to understand your story-line and picture the set-up that you are talking about or feeling. But what if they don’t? What if they reject you?

There is no emotional beating like facing rejection on the stage. How much the audience accepts you really affects your morale. You may leave the stage broken or a hero. But why worry about all this before you get to that platform.

This fear eats up on the coverage. It makes you think that even if you made a good performance, it may fail to impress the audience.

The Solution to Lessen the Fear

It helps to practice on the venue where you will be presenting from and have someone you are comfortable with give you feedback on your performance. Also, start small and progress to larger crowds each time. The same energy that you show with a small crowd is probably the energy that you will exhibit in front of a large audience.

Have an experienced person coach you on how to perform. They should show you how to prepare and give you lessons on how to improve or heighten your performance. Do not shy away from the stage. The more performances you give, the more confidence you will have.


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